These terms are standard for all FEDERALLY LICENSED moving companies

Protect yourself and avoid moving with a company that does not disclose all the information needed for you to choose the best mover for your needs.

To Guaranty your reservation we requires both



Please be aware that the above estimate is based on the inventory list provided by the customer. Any changes to the inventory list and other services will be reflected in the final cost.

1. What the Price includes 7. Delivery Time Frame
2. Final CF or LBs charges 8. Communication and confirmation
3. Additional charges that may apply 9. Insurance coverage and filing claims
4. Customer Responsibilities 10. Cancellation Policy
5. Moving out of storage 11 SHIPPER’S STATEMENT
6. Payment

1. The price includes the following:

1.1. Door to Door service for both pickup and delivery.
1.2. Second Pickup for FREE (up to 15 miles).
1.3. Disassembling furniture upon pickup and reassembling furniture upon delivery (*read section 8 for details).
1.4. First flight of stairs for free.
1.5. Long Carry up to 75′ for free.
1.6. Loading and unloading with a professional moving crew.
1.7. Taxes, mileage, FUEL and tolls are included in the price.
1.8. Wrapping furniture with special wrapping pads, as many as needed (look at section 3 about packing materials for more information).
1.9. 30 days FREE storage (In California, unless otherwise stated).
1.10. No warehouse handling charges.
1.11. Insurance included. Basic coverage valuation of $0.6/lb up to $5,000.00 per article (additional insurance is available check section 8).
1.12. Same price 7 days a week.

2. Final Cubic foot or Weight charges:

2.1. This estimate you receive and sign for is priced either by CF or by LBS. this reflects the way you purchased the move and the way we will measure and charge you for it.
2.2. Space Based Quote (cubic feet = CF)
The exact volume will be measured on the truck: Height x Width x Depth. The quote is only an estimate and with accordance to federal law you pay for the ACTUAL SPACE your belongings will take on the truck.
2.3. Weight Based Quotes (lbs.)
The exact weight will be determined by calculating the difference between the weight of the truck with your belongings and its weight empty. This takes place at a public scale station and you will receive a certified receipt signed by an officer with the difference of the weight
2.4. Only the items listed are included in this quote.
Your estimate is subject to increase if you change your original estimate by adding more items or services, which were not included in this offer. In the event that the estimated weight or cubic feet of your shipment is over your estimate you will be responsible to pay for the actual weight or cubic feet of your shipment plus all other additional charges if there are any.
Prior to loading the truck the mover will provide a revised visual estimate based on actual items present on move day for you to sign.
2.5. Regardless of the accuracy of the list the final charge is for the ACTUAL weight or space you take on the truck.
After receiving the revised visual estimate you have the option to sign on a binding fixed price offer based on that estimate. This binding price is final and will lock your price for the move. this locked price does not include any additional services if needed on delivery such as stairs, long carry etc.
The binding offer is final and replaces any other calculations of space or weight after loading the truck.
3. Additional charges that may apply:
3.1. Stairs
First flight is included for free on both pickup and Delivery, (maximum of 7 steps).
Every additional flight of stairs will be charged at $75.00 per flight. This charge is to cover the extra time for labor spent going up and down the stairs and is charged just to cover the difference between different homes.
3.2. Elevator
Using of an elevator will be charged $75 on both pickup and Delivery. Again, the use of an elevator makes the move take more time, waiting for the elevator, waiting for neighbors to use it etc.
3.3. Long Carry
First 75’ of long carry are free.
In the event that our truck cannot park up to 75’ or closer to your door an extra charge will apply. $100 per additional 75 feet.
3.4. Additional packing service/materials.
3.4.1. Your quote includes the free wrapping and padding of furniture with moving blankets. This does NOT include the use of disposable packing materials like boxes bubble wrap, shrink wrap, tape etc.
3.4.2. Please note any loose items and/or glass must be packed properly in boxes.
This includes TV’s, china cabinets, glass top tables, framed and glassed art, mirrors, marble counters and any other fragile items.
3.4.3. No plastic bags or trash bags are accepted.
3.4.4. Mattress and box spring should be covered to avoid from getting any dirt or damage.
3.4.5. The job foreman may suggest which packing materials are needed to, but you will ultimately decide what is approved and, hence, charged for.
3.4.6. The use of packing materials or crating services will result in an additional charge. Consult with your sales representative about your options.
3.4.7. Insufficient packing will result with the insurance company denying you of any coverage in case of damage. It is your interest to have everything packed properly.
3.5. Truck access and SHUTTLE service.
(varies) If there is no access for an 18-wheel semi-trailer at the time of the delivery a shuttle will be required. Most situations do not require a shuttle; however, if such service is required it will be charged at $1/cubic foot to transfer your items, with a minimum charge of $250. Price is subject to increase if inventory is increased at the time of the pickup. There is no way for the moving company to check access to an address prior to shipment so it is a customer responsibility to check if his/hers delivery address is accessible to a 53′ full trailer. Otherwise the driver will inform in case it is needed.
3.6. Bulky Item/Handling charges.
Any items that cannot be safely stacked on top of or beneath another item and/or requires the usage of special elevation equipment. It’s a special item that typically has an awkward shape and is extra-large in size (piano, motorcycle, large safe, pool table, aquariums, large art pieces etc). Bulky items are not included in full packing service. The minimum additional cost for handling a bulky item is of $150. Please consult with your sales representative about this before booking.
3.7. Additional Storage
30 Days free storage in one of our secure warehouse facilities in California in included and available at customer’s request. Customers that requested storage will need to notify the office 7 days before storage expires or next month’s storage fee will apply (Unless agreed else upon booking). A
ny additional month of storage will be charged $0.25/CF per month. This payment has to be settled in the BEGINNING of each billable month. This payment also covers all insurance of items and failure to pay on time can result in a revoke of such insurance.
4. Customer Responsibilities
4.1. Customer pre-move responsibilities:
  • Complete packing as indicated.
  • Determine your insurance option and make prior arrangements with outside carrier if needed.
  • Alert your Relocation Consultant of any changes that may affect the agreement, including changes in the inventory, pickup or delivery address. You have to send any changes in writing (fax or email) and you need to get a response on our behalf. Call our sales office just to double check we got your update.
  • Determine your first day ready for delivery or ask for storage in our California facilities if needed.
4.2. Customer move day responsibilities:
  • Be present for the day of the move. If you cannot be there, MAP Moving & Storage must be notified. A responsible authorized representative has to be there to make decisions and sign the contract. Request from your agent a Power Of Attorney form (POA) and fax or email it back to us.
  • If paying with a credit card on move day the owner of the card has to be present or provide a credit card authorization form. Or leave sufficient funds with your representative.
4.3. Customer Delivery responsibilities:
  • Check access to a 53′ trailer on delivery address (local authority should have that answer for you)
  • Make sure you are available to receive your Items and prepare proper payment (cash or money order only unless paid by credit card on pickup)
  • If your move was stored with us before you had an address or date ready you must send us an email with that info and make sure we responded. Email to [email protected].
  • REMEMBER – once the truck with your belongings has loaded for delivery and started traveling there is no way to change dates and addresses. Any changes will result in very expensive expanses such as finding and renting a local storage and paying for a redelivery for labor and a local truck.


5. Moving out of Storage
Some customers have their belongings stored in a storage unit or a garage. In these cases it somewhat difficult for the customer to provide a list of items in the storage. Either because they are piled up and in many cases the customers don’t remember exactly what they stored.
5.1. Common Issues that arise when moving out of storage:
5.1.1 Packing: Most people pack things to their storage loosely, partially packed, packed in garbage plastic bags, missing lids for boxes, fragile Items covered with only blankets etc. also sometimes boxes stored for long period of time will absorb moisture and disintegrate. The moving company will have to make sure that everything is packed properly in order to load on the truck. Remember that disposable packing materials and labor to pack are at an additional cost.
5.1.2 Size of move:
  • Some people sometimes are not sure of the exact size of the storage unit when they call to get an estimate. A customer can remember his unit size is 15X10X10 and when we show up its actually 15X12X10. This is a 300CF difference and will translate into hundreds of dollars more on your bill.
  • Another example is a customer that don’t remember exactly how full it is. The difference between a half full storage units to 70% full unit can be hundreds of dollars.
  • Remember – eventually you will have to pay for the actual space you take on the truck. Avoid surprises and try to get the most accurate information.
5.1.3 Presence of customer. Many customers have their belongings stored in one state while they are in a different state, therefore cannot present on the day of the move.
We require the customer’s presence or someone on his behalf to be there to sign the contract and to authorize the different charges. If you cannot be present please ask your agent for a “Special Power of Attorney” form to authorize your representative to sign for you.
No storage facility allows their employees to sign any legal documents for their customers so don’t assume they will do that on move day.
6. Payment:
6.1. Booking Deposit: $95 reservation deposit (sum may change due to specifics of your move, last minute bookings etc.). This deposit is deducted from the total cost of your move and is fully refundable up to 72 hours before the date of the move. Signing this offer is an authorization for the $95 that were charged on the credit card you provided on the phone to reserve your move.
A deposit of 20% of cost of the move will be needed in order to book less than 48 hours of actual move date using a credit card authorization form.
6.2. Day of your move:
6.2.1. A minimum of 60% of total CF or Weight to be paid upon pickup + 100% of any additional services provided (i.e.: packing, additional stairs etc). Upon Pickup we accept:
  • Money Order
  • Visa/Mastercard (up to $4000 for contract, we do not accept Amex or Discover card)
  • Personal Check
    (note that if you are scheduled for an immediate delivery to a close state within 2-4 days we cannot collect a check as it won’t clear in the bank before delivery and insurance companies will deny coverage)
  • Cash
6.2.2. This payment has to be done BEFORE the truck leaves your premises as this is to activate your Insurance coverage. Failure to pay the pickup charges will deny your insurance privileges once the truck has left
6.2.3. In a case that someone else is paying for the move by credit card or if the owner of the credit card is not preset we will require a signed credit card authorization form ready. This is a requirement from the credit card companies and we cannot charge a credit card without it.
Make sure that all payment forms a ready before truck leaves to avoid any waiting charges (50$ hr).
6.3. Delivery
6.3.1. Delivery payment must be received prior to unloading the truck. This is a federal regulation and a requirement to have any kind of insurance coverage. After unloading you have 6 months to file any claim for damages or lost items. Please refer to section 8.
6.3.2. The remaining balance due upon delivery can be paid ONLY by:
  • Postal Money Order (not a cashier check or bank check)
  • Cash
6.3.3. ​If you wish to pay the entire move by Credit Card it can be done only at pickup day.
6.3.4. ​All payments have to be completed in full in order to valid this agreement and its coverage.
7. Delivery time frame:
Final delivery date is subject to many different factors: availability of trucks, conditions on the way but fundamentally this is a shared load delivery. Like all other moving companies we combine several customers on 1 53′ truck going to the same destination, hence the delivery time is subject to many changes.
Average time frame to deliver is 7-14 days on average. The terms of the contract are 1-30 business days from the FIRST DAY CUSTOMER IS READY FOR DELIVERY. We cannot guarantee a specific delivery date (unless you book a full 18 wheeler to far states or a 26’ truck to a close state).
REMEMBER – We want to deliver as fast as possible. We lose money for every day we don’t.
If you change your first date available for delivery at any time, you must email us immediately with your new first date available. Make sure to notify us as soon as possible about your availability to receive your items so we can schedule you on the first truck leaving to your destination. Remember that all expected delivery dates can still change on the move for various reasons and even if you got an update on the go that date can still change. You will receive a call from the driver a day before delivery to set up a time for it.
8. Communication and confirmation:
8.1. Pickup: A confirmation call will be made by our office the afternoon before your move at the latest. Confirmation calls are usually made between 1pm-5pm. We must speak with you at this time to ensure you or a representative of yours will be available on the day of your move. If our staff cannot contact you via phone by 6pm the day before your move, you will be taken off the schedule (for am arrivals), and re-schedules after we have spoken with you.
8.2. We allow all inventory updates and rescheduling up to 24 hours prior to your scheduled move – NO PENALTY.
8.3. Delivery: Driver will inform the customer the day before he arrives. If the customer is not ready to receive the shipment waiting time/second attempt delivery fee will be charged.
9. Insurance coverage and filing claims

9.1. Basic coverage valuation of $0.6/lb up to $5,000.00 per article included.

9.2. If you believe that this coverage is not adequate for your specific needs, you can purchase additional insurance. An actual cash value insurance is available for an additional cost and MUST be arranged at least 48 hours prior to your move day. Go to or call 800-356-0099 with this refer code: #20206. Or an insurer of your choice.

9.3. Basic coverage valuation does NOT include:

9.3.1. Particle board and/or engineered wood furniture, commonly known as press board furniture manufactured from press board. It’s designed to be shipped unassembled. It is not built to withstand the normal stresses of a move as an assembled unit. Chips and dents are not repairable. Surface impressions can be made on this type of furniture when writing on a single sheet of paper. Assembly instructions frequently suggest that connecting hardware pieces be glued in place. This does not significantly improve the structural integrity of the pieces, but does not make disassembly possible without creating substantial, un-repairable damage.

9.3.2. Any kind of damage on hardwood floors (scratches, dents, etc.)

9.3.3. Personal paperwork, ID cards of any sort (driver’s license, passports etc.)
9.4. Claims must be submitted in writing to the company within nine months from the date of delivery. As a condition precedent, all outstanding money due to the company must be paid in full before a claim can be submitted.
9.5. The mover cannot be held responsible for items left at the residence after loading. It is your responsibility to make sure that nothing is left behind.
9.6. We DO NOT ship bank bills, coins, currency, securities, deeds, notes, drafts, valuable papers of any kind, jewelry, precious stones or metals, medication of any kind, firearms, hazardous items, toxic chemicals, animals or living organisms, illegal substance. Any items considered packed by owner will not be inspected by the crew. We assume NO liability for a violation of the above rules.
10. Cancellation Policy
10.1. Canceling before move day:
Our cancellation policy states that should you cancel your reservation less than 72 hours (3 days) of your pick up date, your deposit will not be refunded. The original date of service is used as the basis for the cancellation date.
Customers are able to reschedule their date or time within the 72 hour window at no penalty, however should the customer cancel after rescheduling; the deposit will not be refunded.
10.2. Canceling on move day:
Sometimes we show up to customers location for pickup and he cancels for various reasons, not ready to move, did not give us full list or did not pack so price had to go up, personal issues etc. In this case our company had already spent money on labor and fuel to get to customers address. also we have reserved your schedule over other potential customers. in this case there will be a charge of $0.5 per CF reserved and a minimum of $350. this amount will be charged on customers credit card provided for the deposit. signing this offer allows MAP Moving & Storage to charge your card accordingly.
10.3. Canceling after pickup:
Jobs that are canceled after pickup while belongings are in our warehouse will be charged %70 of the total cost of the move. If you paid the whole cost of the move we will refund you %30 back.
It will be customer’s responsibility to arrange the removal of their belongings from our facility.
If you have any further questions or if we can be of any assistance, please feel free to contact our office at
888-297-6981 we will be happy to answer all of your questions and see how we can help you with this move professionally and efficiently.
Please click on the following link to view and/or download a copy of Your Rights and Responsibilities AND Ready to Move

(these publications are available in both English and Spanish).


I have reviewed the inventory listed herein and I agree that the inventory I have provided is correct. I understand that my estimate is priced on the items listed. If there should be any additional items or services required or requested, I understand that I will be charged accordingly.
Physical survey waiver agreement: in accordance with 49 CFR Section 371.113(c)(1), shipper agrees to waive a physical survey of the household goods and alternatively agrees to receive an estimate based upon the shipper-provided list of property to be transported.

This is a complementary service for non-restricted items. Items dismantled by the shipper will not be able be reassembled by the moving crew at destination. Our crew will not disassemble any electronic items, neither disconnect washing machines to the water supply lines

Insurance does not include wood floors, scratches, dents etc. please advise with your homeowner insurance for any coverage of such damages.

In addition to the transport cost, other charges and fees that could apply the cost of any packing materials deemed necessary by you and supplied by us, long carry and shuttle fees and other charges shown below. Finally, please be aware our minimum project size of 400CF or 3000Lbs.

Signing this offer is an authorization for the $95 that were charged on the credit card you provided on the phone to reserve your move. Your reservation is valid only with an E-signature and a deposit payment processed. Cancellation on move day will result in a charge as stated in section 10.2. authorized by this signature.