Note: this does not replace the terms of service, we recommend you read them prior to your move to avoid any surprises.


Are you the actual movers?

Yes, we are an actual moving company. We own the trucks, storage facilities and it is our crew from pickup to delivery. This means that everything related to your move goes through and you don’t need to deal with any third party company.

What is the difference between a mover and a broker?

Brokers are NOT actual moving companies. They do not own trucks, storage facilities or have the crew to pack, load or unload your items. When you book with a broker, they contact a real moving company and sell your move to them. This means you not only need to deal with a moving company, but also a broker and since 2 companies are now involved in your move, it usually means higher prices.

What does moving by CF mean?

Moving by CF means that you will be charged for the ACTUAL space you use on the truck the day of the move.

The reason why it is better to go by space is because you may end up paying a lot more going by weight than what you had anticipated. On the day of your pickup, we give you a Revised Visual Estimate before we even begin to load anything on our truck. This means you will not get a surprise after everything is packed and loaded on the truck.

If you move by weight, you will only know the final cost of your move, AFTER everything is loaded on the truck and the it is taken to truck scale to get the final weight. In most cases, the final price will be a surprise and probably not a pleasant one. No moving company working by weight will come to your house with a scale to weigh all your belongings before loading into the truck to provide an estimate.

Most household goods in everyone's home have standard measures like a queen size bed, but the weight will be completely different depending on the material or quality.

Do you price-match?

Yes! You are more than welcome to send your sales agent a copy of any other estimates you might have received for us to price-match. However, it is very important that we get to see the full estimate so we can compare and be certain of what exactly their price is covering and what type of services they are offering.

Do you perform onsite estimates?
We move over 200 families every month and don’t have the manpower to go and check every single potential customer before they decide to work with us. Onsite estimates are a service mostly provided by moving brokers. We work with a software that is connected to the DOT’s database and provides us with national averages for the size of every item, that way we can provide accurate estimates over phone or email. Alternatively, if you have had someone provide you with an onsite estimate, you can give your sales agent the amount of CF or lbs they quoted you for and we can provide you with a price of our own for those quantities (by CF).
Do you provide ‘Binding Estimates’?

As stated by law, the only moving estimate that is ever binding is the one you sign on the day of your move.

Whenever a company offers a ‘binding’ estimate, they are probably inflating the price to the point where any conceivable increase in cost has already been included and covered, thus they are overselling you on your move, and this doesn’t even mean that they cannot change the price on the day of the move if it is necessary.

Are movers obligated to move my goods for the estimate they quote?

No. By federal law our guys will give you a revised visual estimate on the day of the move. They will go through your home and count your items with you and assess the amount of space it will take on the truck so you know EXACTLY what is going to happen.

We can't load the truck and stick you with the bill. That is illegal. Bottom line, you pay for the ACTUAL space you take on the truck.

Can my price go up? Why?

As with any other moving company, there is the possibility that you will need more space to move your items, whether this is because more items have been added, a miscalculation, or the way the items can or cannot be stacked.

We also provide professional-grade packing services and goods at an additional cost and always carry them should they be required, or in case you have any last minute packing that you need help with.

Lastly, there are some unforeseen charges that might occur, such as stairs, long carry or elevator fees.

Always consult with your sales agent and keep them up to date to avoid any changes to your price!

What is a revised visual estimate?

A revised visual estimate is a final estimate, done by our experienced foremen, on the day of the move before any loading is done. Our foreman will determine whether or not the space you had reserved will be enough for your items and will make any adjustments necessary to the quote. At this point he will also consider any additional items, services or fees that might arise. He will produce a final quote, which will be the only legally binding, as stated by law.

How can I pay for the move?
The move is paid for in two steps:
  • On pick-up day we ask for 60% of the total amount of the move. This can be paid via credit card (Visa or Master Card, up to 4000$ per move), check, cash, postal money order or any other form of payment.
  • On delivery will pay the remaining 40%. This payment must be done in either cash or postal money order.
How soon should I book my move?

The sooner the better!

Some moving companies will offer to lock down a rate for you regardless of when you’re actually moving. On top of this, we tend to offer special discounts when you book ahead and we always give you the chance to make any adjustments to your move as necessary! We understand that a lot of things need to fall into place for a move to happen and we value those customers who give us a chance to plan the logistics ahead of time.

My move date is going to change. What am I supposed to do?

Please do not hesitate to call your sales agent to change your pickup date or delivery date if needed. We will assist you with any concern you may have, and changing the date of the move has no extra cost.

I don't have a place to move into yet. How can you help?

We always offer our customers 30 days of storage FOR FREE in our own secure, climate controlled storage facilities all around the West Coast, and we are always open to discussion when it comes to extra time or a discounted price for extended stays.

We also offer the possibility to lock down a price with a small 95$ deposit for a long time in advance and let you think ahead. This gives us an incentive to offer greater discounts since we can already plan the logistics ahead (sometimes even months ahead!).

What kind of trucks do you use?
We always do our pickups with 26’ trucks, as they are a better fit for driving and maneuvering around the city and to/from our storage facilities. We will always have some extra space available in case you decide to take a little extra with you. Delivery is always done with 53’ trailers, as these are the only ones that are legally allowed to do the interstate haul and allow us to offer our customers a more competitive, accessible price for their moves. The only exception to both of these cases is when we do dedicated truck deliveries: On special cases we offer our customers the possibility to rent a full 26’ or 53’ trucks all to themselves. In such cases, their items are loaded into the truck and then head straight out to their delivery locations in the same truck. For more information on such packages, please consult your sales agent.
Do you charge extra for fuel?

No! All of our estimates already include fuel, tolls, taxes, miles, insurance and 30 days of free storage in one of our own facilities all around the West Coast!

What types of insurance do you offer?
We offer a standard moving insurance:
  • Mandatory Insurance: customers receive $0.60 per pound back for each article. (Up to $5,000 per article).
  • Liability Insurance: we cover up to $5 million
  • Truck Insurance: our trucks are also covered for up to 500,000 dollars
  • Workers Compensation: we also pay workers compensation which means that in the case that one of our workers is injured during a move, our customers would not have to worry about being sued.
  • Additional Insurance: if a customer is not satisfied with the standard insurance they have the option to contact additional insurance providers such as Baker Insurance.
Do I need to pack?

It it not necessary for you to pack, but it is very advisable, as packing is a very expensive service.

We would always recommend that you do as much of the packing yourself as you can and then leave any leftovers / especially fragile items to the professionals.

Do I need to pack my mattress?

Your mattress is probably valuable and important for you to keep clean.

We offer a professional grade mattress cover and packing. This will protect your mattress from any tears, dirt and damage so you can sleep on it again in your new home.

A mattress cover is considered a disposable packing material so it will be charged separately from your estimate.
Obviously you can purchase a mattress cover and do it yourself before the movers show up and you won't be charged anything. That final decision is entirely yours to make.

What happens on the day of the move?

First of all, your driver will call you when they leave the warehouse, to notify you that they are on the way.

Once they are arrive, the foreman will go through your items with you and provide you with a final, revised visual estimate. At this point you will be notified if you need any additional space on the truck or if any packing services and/or materials are advised.

After this is settled, the crew will get to work on carefully packing and loading your items into the truck. If any disassembly is required, it will be performed by our crew as well at this point.

Finally, once everything is loaded, you will be asked to provide payment in whatever form you choose for 60% of the agreed on price of your move and then the truck will leave for our storage facility, where it will await delivery.

What items am I not allowed to bring with me on my move?

Hazardous material
You may be surprised to see some of the items listed as hazardous, but there are usually good reasons why they're included in the list. Fertilizer, for example, can become highly explosive under the right circumstances. Other examples: ammunition, gasoline, propane tanks, chemistry sets, loaded guns, etc.

With long-distance moving, food items will not be allowed by movers. This is because the food will not be kept well and could attract rats and other pests that might damage your property. Other examples: frozen food, refrigerated foods, plants, opened food products, etc.

Not recommended: Personal or sentimental items
Professional movers don't like to transport these items because of the inherent risk of loss or damage. As a consumer, it's likely that you'd want to have these items under your control.

The loss of medical records, financial documents or school records could be difficult to replace. Sensitive electronics, such as laptops, might be damaged by the extreme temperatures in a moving van. Jewelry, cash, collections and personal video tapes or CDs could not be replaced if lost. Other examples: photographs, professional files, medicine, school records, cash, etc.

What is the meaning of first day ready for delivery?

Before planning a delivery, it is the first question we ask our customers. We need to know what is the earliest we can arrive to deliver. With this information we make sure that our truck will not arrive before you are ready for delivery.

How long will it take for my items to be delivered?

It depends on the distance of your move but, as a general rule, it takes an average of 7-14 days (and by law we have up to 30 days).

Does this mean I will not receive delivery on the day that I want/need?

Just like any other moving company, we cannot guarantee a precise delivery date. When moving cross country, there are a lot of things that can affect the final delivery date: bad weather conditions, traffic jams, bad road conditions, unexpected mechanical failures, a flat tire on the road and even human conditions (truck drivers on long distance moves needs to stop to sleep, eat or go to the bathroom like anyone else).

How soon will I get my delivery?

The average time frame to deliver is usually between 7 to 14 days ON AVERAGE from your first day ready for delivery. We want to deliver as fast as possible so we will do everything in our power to deliver your belongings on your first available day ready for delivery or as soon as possible. Also, our ability to stay on business depends on fast deliveries. For every day your items are not delivered it costs money to our company.

What if I can't be there on move day?
If neither you nor a direct family member can be present during moving day, you would have to ask either a friend or neighbor to be there to receive the movers and sign any legal documents. In order for that to happen, first of all you would need to fill a Power Of Attorney form and sign it.
Do you offer storage?

We always offer our customers 30 days of storage for free in our own secure, climate controlled storage facilities all around the West Coast and are always open to discussion when it comes to extra time or a discounted price for extended stays.

I need to move out of storage. How is that going to work?
From our experience, there are a few big points to be made about moving out of storage:
  • Depending on how long ago you left your items in there and whatever form of packing you left them in, they might have rapidly deteriorated if the unit is not climate protected or if the materials are of poor quality. Most of the time it is a good thing to make sure the items are ready to go before the day of the pick-up as no moving company will move goods in damaged boxes.
  • It is very time consuming to to go box by box or item by item on the day of the move with the movers and having to decide which ones are going and which ones are staying behind. Always make sure to organize your storage and be prepared for the movers.
  • Just because your items fit into a 700CF unit doesn’t mean you’ll need exactly 700CF on our truck for your move. Be mindful that moves out of storage tend to be very hard to estimate, and that items sometimes cannot be stacked or packed in the same manner for long-distance trips as they are for staying in a storage unit.
If I have damaged or missing items, how much time do I have to file a claim?

You have six months from the date of delivery to file a claim.


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