Friend Recommended a Mover? Informed Decision-Making Made Easy

Friendship is earned with time and experience. We want the best for our friends, and moving costs and processes are no exception. The sound recommendation of a friend for a great service provider is worth much more than any advertising pitch.


If your friend’s recommended you a certain mover, they’ve likely had a positive experience with them and feel it’s worthwhile to give them more business. No friend will go out of their way to suggest a service that isn’t worthy of compensation.

Friends have often seen us through hard times, and they may have even been the cause of our struggles at times. But, if you’re still talking and have gotten past trying times, you’re continuing to build trust with each other. That kind of trust cannot be attained instantaneously between a potential client and service provider. Therefore, a recommendation from a trustworthy friend is invaluable.

Insider tips. The trade secrets friends can offer are invaluable. “Make sure he brings the best bubble wrap”, or “ask him to bring the same movers I had; they went out of their way to attend to…” The insider tips of a friend can help you improve the moving experience and navigate it like a pro.

Cost – yes, we said it. All movers offer a moving service, but additional products, services and insurance can add up. Friends who’ve worked with a certain mover and know his quoting system, can offer practical solutions that will maximize your budget with the mover they recommend.


Want to move with a moving company that includes everything (tolls, miles, taxes, fuel, insurance, etc.) in the price?