How to Avoid Last Minute “Unforeseen” Moving Costs and Stress

Moving can be a costly process and one that keeps us on the edge of our seats just waiting for the next expense to pop up.

How can you stay within budget and avoid unforeseen expenses from popping up? Here are some tips to help keep you on track and at ease.

1. Communication – set expectations and cover all bases with your mover. There’s absolutely no shame in being thorough and being aware of exactly what’s included with your mover’s fees.

2. Action item lists – create a comprehensive list of tasks, and use it as your guide. Writing things out gives you a concrete and visual breakdown of moving logistics that require various steps and attention to detail that you may otherwise miss. You’d be amazed how many little details we realized we’ve overlooked and many of them cost money.

3. Fuel – always ask your mover if it’s included in the cost, request a price quote and ask how the quoted price is determined.

4. Pack everything to the last item – if your movers will be busy packing rather than loading items into a truck, be prepared to pay their service and time invested. Some movers have packing services they offer for an additional price.

5. Purge and throw out the junk – moving is a great opportunity to clear your house of clutter. Get rid of useless items that fill boxes and incur additional expenses.

6. Get your new home prepared in advance – any last minute cleaning, organizing or furniture moving can keep movers waiting, wasting their time and your money.

7. Pace yourself – make sure you have your time planned well so that making items accessible to movers is easy. Always let them know if you need storage time between moving locations, or if there are multiple locations for item pick-up to move items to their final destination.

8. Elevator or accessibility – these are human beings moving your belongings and any additional physical inconvenience or labor involved can mean additional costs. If you’re moving from a building without an elevator or difficult access to your apartment, be it your new home or previous, make sure you notify your movers and if needed and available, order an elevator in advance. In addition, it’s recommended you ask your mover if there’s an extra cost for stairs or elevator.

9. Cover your bases – if you’re giving your mover a quote on the number of boxes, give him a minimum and max number so you can ensure to stay within a range and avoid an astronomically unexpected surcharge. Also, if you’re giving movers a total weight per box, make sure you don’t overload boxes or you’ll be overloading your credit card expenses. Never be embarrassed to ask your mover to break down the services that are included with the quote he’s provided.

10. Got a friend who knows a great mover? – Great! Over 80% of paid services and purchases in the U.S. come from word of mouth recommendations, and a great friend is a trustworthy and reliable source for recommendations.


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