6 Useful Tips to Minimize Moving Expenses and Maximize Cost Value

Moving can often be a massive transition stage in our lives, but also one that can create positive change and refreshing, new beginnings.

With all of the errands, packing, organizing and planning also come moving expenses. To help you make the most of your moving cost, we’ve compiled 6 useful tips that can help you get maximal value for your moving expenses.

1. Go with a mover and not a broker. Terms and conditions are set directly with the mover, and price discrepancies that can arise unexpectedly as a result of getting a price quote from a broker, (rather than the mover), are diminished and potentially eliminated.

2. Get a quote based on cubic feet measurements of your items rather than weight. A box of books and a box of scarves will vary in weight, but if their dimensions are identical, you’ll get better value with moving cost based on size measurements, particularly if you’re moving heavy items and furniture.

3. Discuss logistics with your movers and other relevant parties, such as parking arrangements and accessibility to the location you’re moving to. Proactive planning and organization can help you avoid additional service charges, such as extra fees charged by mover for manually moving heavy or cumbersome items without an elevator.

4. Evaluate your needs, look into different insurance policies that suit your requirements, and verify what is included in the packages that seem suitable. Your valuables can be worth much more than just money, so ensure you pick an insurance policy that can help you avoid loss and replacement costs.

5. Pack your items well using bubble wrap, clothes, blankets and/or towels to protect fragile items. Inquire with your mover in advance about packing supplies and costs. Remember: the process and cost of replacing valuables can be a significantly heavier burden than the time and cost of packing efficiently.

6. Move smaller items on your own to decrease professional moving time and costs.


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