Why is it smart to book your move early and not last minute?

Moving companies are not like airlines.

Yes, it’s about getting from point A to point B; but there’s a reason why airlines give you a penalty for making changes, while moving companies don’t.

With an airline, you usually book only after you have all your ducks in a row, you know what your plans are, you know when and where you are going and the last thing you do is book the flight. You are fully aware that any change will cost you money, so you make sure everything is planned in advance. With moving, it’s the other way around.

We know where FROM it is that you want to move and that is enough. We actually want you to book in advance as much as possible and we will even give you a discount for that because it saves us money.

Why is that?

An airline has a fixed line. A plane that needs to leave from point A to B and back on specific dates and hours. They have to fill it up, otherwise they lose money. The airplane has to leave from the same place and land in the same place every time. No flexibility. With a mover its different. We come to you!

Obviously you want to move with a successful moving company with good ratings that moves many people. A company like that has its own trucks traveling around all the time. The trucks are not parked close to your home just waiting to move you.

They need to travel to be closer to your home, so they can pickup customers the day before and after as well.  For that to happen efficiently, we like to plan in advance.

For example, if we know that next month we have 3 jobs to be picked up at the beginning of the month in, let’s say, Los Angeles – then we know we need 2 trucks to be there. Maybe we have 1 truck in Sacramento and 1 truck in san Diego, which means that they would need to leave the night before in order to get there on time.

Now let’s say we have 3 more customers that want to move at that time, so we would need at least 2 more trucks to be in the area. 1 truck that delivered a customer in Oregon, now needs to travel back to southern California to help the others. This is going to take them at least 24 hours to travel plus the time to organize to arrive fresh for those moves.

Are you starting to get the picture?

If you book last minute, then we need to start moving trucks around back and forth by surprise. That costs money. If we know that we have X amount of pickups during the first week of January (for example), then we need to make sure we have enough trucks around and plan our schedule to use those trucks for deliveries or other company logistics. No company wants an empty truck moving around for no reason.

So – if you book in advance, our job is more organized and flexible,  and we can offer you a better deal to encourage you to do so. Even if you make changes in last minute, it’s not a big deal because your job is one out of many moves, so we can deal with it.

If 50 customers book last minute, it will be impossible to help them all.

We understand many things have to fall into place for you to actually move.

  • Maybe you are still looking for a place to move into?
  • Maybe you are waiting for that job offer to lock?
  • Maybe a family situation needs to get an answer?

Either way – once you decide you want to move with us, we suggest to lock the rate and book it even tentatively. Worse case scenario? You can change the date or even cancel.

Our deposit is only $95 to most locations and is fully refundable up to 72 hours before your original pickup date. What matters is who your mover is, not the when and where.

Your pickup location won’t change and that is the only thing that matters to us. We can pickup at any time and anywhere, as long as we can plan in advance.

Remember we can offer you more tools to help – check out our 30 days free storage included in your offer.

Make the smart decision – book soon. Plan everything else later.
We are here to help and enable your plans.